Zenblen, Inc.

Zenblen offers freshly blended smoothies via a robotic smoothie bar. Our smoothie kiosk dispenses and blends ingredients right in front of the consumer, fresh to order.

We are a fast-paced, high-momentum startup that graduated from Chicago Booth’s New Venture Challenge, one of the top-ranked accelerators in the nation. Our company has also been featured in the Chicago Venture Summit as a leading innovator in the food tech space. We are proud to have brought on expert investors and world-class advisors to join us on this journey.

Our mission is to make healthy eating more accessible for everyone. We believe how someone fuels their body has a tremendous impact on all aspects of their life and therefore democratizing nutritionist curated smoothies will positively impact countless people across the globe. Just like how Starbucks forever changed coffee culture, we look to revolutionize how the world experiences smoothies!