CPS, Inc.

In 1973, a gallon of gas cost 40 cents, the median home price in America was $10,000 and The Exorcist was the year’s must-see film. It was also the year that CPS, Inc. opened its doors, with a mission of providing the chemical industry with top talent.

A lot has changed then, and in that time, CPS, Inc. has grown. We’ve expanded from one of the top laboratory recruitment agencies and engineering recruiters in the country, to a full-service national recruiting firm serving a broad spectrum of markets. Though times have changed, one thing remains constant: Our commitment to matching great companies with exceptional talent.

The CPS, Inc. philosophy is to develop strong, long-term relationships with clients and candidates. Over two-thirds of our client business comes from long-standing clients who trust us with their most difficult challenges. Many of our candidates are referrals from placed applicants happy in their new jobs. Doing our jobs in an ethical and professional manner and treating people the way they want to be treated is critical to that repeat business.